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Our pool

Whites Farm Swimming Pool is a private swimming pool available for regular hire for individual, family and group use (up to a maximum of 6 people including babies).

The Pool is 18 x 40 ft. in size,  a depth of 4.1 ft. throughout and an enticing water temperature of 30°C (86°F). Quadrant steps with hand rail offer easy access to the water, while the surrounding pool area has underfloor heating so the pool is always warm. It is particularly well suited to babies and those seeking a therapeutic exercise facility perhaps to aid recovery. The enclosed changing rooms are equipped with warm water showers, hand basins, toilet and secure changing areas. For parents of very young children there is a changing unit. The entire pool building is on one level, with parking outside the building for easy access. 


Our pool is now powered by a biomass boiler, in keeping with our eco-friendly outlook. 


When you hire our pool, you have exclusive use of it for your half hour. One or two people hire the pool for an hour so you can have longer if the session is available. Your changing room is available exclusively for 15 minutes before your session and 15 minutes after your session. 


Our pool is available to book in weekly blocks of typically 13 weeks  - please visit our bookings page and decide which slot suits you best. Booking blocks usually run from around mid November to mid February, from mid February to mid May, from mid May to mid August, and finally from mid August to mid November. If you wish to start mid block and the session you would like is available, you simply start half way through and just pay for remaining sessions in the block.  


PLEASE NOTE  the pool is NOT available for one off sessions or parties. 

PLEASE NOTE   children 12 years and under must be accompanied by two competent adults


We take great pride in looking after our pool and caring for our customers. You will find our rules and regulations and other documents on the bookings page. These are developed to ensure that your health and safety comes first and we urge you to read these before joining our pool. On your first session we will meet with you so you can ask any questions and we can show you how to find your way around. 


Swimming lessons can be arranged with one of the providers below: please click for email link.

Water Babies               Keep on Swimming

Hiring our pool for a half hour slot gives you complete privacy to exercise and splash in peace while enjoying views across our rolling valley and fruit orchards.

“We love the rural farm location, the exclusive pool use and the very high standard of the facilities which Angus and Sally work so hard to achieve".


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